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How To Help Your Tween Make And Maintain Friendship

You may help your tween make new friends and keep the ones they already have in various ways. They need the support of their friends when they begin to distance themselves from their parents at this time in their lives, which is why friendships at this stage of life are critical. A parent’s intervention may […]

How Jealousy Can Lead To Bullying

HOW JEALOUSY CAN LEAD TO BULLYING Comparing oneself to others is a common temptation for children. Instead of joining in the celebration of others’ accomplishments, they focus on their own flaws. As a result of this, jealousy and resentment can easily arise. When people desire something that someone else has, they are envious. To put […]

Art For Toddlers

ART FOR TODDLERS: THE ADVANTAGES Because of the surge in interest in classes that promote the growth of toddlers’ cognitive and motor skills, parents now have an abundance of choices, including painting classes. In this blog, we discuss the benefits of art for toddlers and how to get started. When Is the Appropriate Time to […]

Why Hasn’t My 20-Month-old Child Been Able To Speak

WHY HASN’T MY 20-MONTH-OLD CHILD BEEN ABLE TO SPEAK? When your child’s language skills appear to be lagging behind other toddlers, it can be challenging to know what to make of it. Your 20-month-old child may have a hearing difficulty or some other developmental delay if they cannot say more than a few words at this age. These holdups […]

Are Tantrums Harmful To My Child

ARE TANTRUMS HARMFUL TO MY CHILD? First, the good news: Toddlers have been throwing temper tantrums to obtain what they want since the dawn of time. Most meltdowns aren’t physically violent, but they do involve a lot of crying and yelling. You may rest assured that your child will not be hurt by a bit […]