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The Causes of Speech Delay in Children

THE CAUSES OF SPEECH DELAY IN CHILDREN A variety of factors can hamper your child’s speech development. Your youngster may be unable to form words appropriately if they have a physical disability. Alternatively, your child’s internal communication system may be unable to transmit a message from the brain to the mouth because of processing difficulties. […]

Reasons Why Your Toddler is Climbing on Everything

REASONS WHY YOUR TODDLER IS CLIMBING ON EVERYTHING Seeing a baby try to climb onto the couch for the first time is lovely. A video of their battle with the La-Z-Boy might be the only way you’ll be able to relive the adorableness of it all. Observe your toddler as they attempt to scale every […]

How Can Parents Best Encourage Their Children To Engage in Imaginative Play

HOW CAN PARENTS BEST ENCOURAGE THEIR CHILDREN TO ENGAGE IN IMAGINATIVE PLAY There is a ladder that young children are said to climb, which includes transitioning from one stage of play to the next, according to early childhood researchers. This is known as functional play, characterized by a child’s enjoyment of moving things around, as […]

What To Do When My Toddler Plays With His Penis

WHAT TO DO WHEN MY TODDLER PLAYS WITH HIS PENIS? There are a lot of toddlers that like to play with their genitals. If there are no underlying medical issues, you should not be alarmed by this conduct. If you reprimand someone, they may feel humiliated for the rest of their lives. Some parents claim […]