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How Cyberbullying is Perpetrated Under the Cover of Subtlety

HOW CYBERBULLYING IS PERPETRATED UNDER THE COVER OF SUBTLETY When it comes to social media, today’s teenagers are extremely adept. Posting, liking, sharing, and commenting are second nature to them. Many adults simply don’t understand how children utilize social media. But they’re also adept at using it to abuse others online. Cyberbullying from their peers […]

Reasons Why Parents Should Discuss Bullying, Rape, and Suicide with Their Children

REASONS WHY PARENTS SHOULD DISCUSS BULLYING, RAPE, AND SUICIDE WITH THEIR CHILDREN Fans of Jay Asher’s novel “13 Reasons Why” were pleased when Netflix revealed it was producing a miniseries based on the book. The story revolves around Hannah Baker, a high school student who took her own life and left cassette tapes for the […]

How To Teach Your Children What To Do If They Got Lost

HOW TO TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WHAT TO DO IF THEY GOT LOST? Even for a little moment, losing track of your child can send your heart racing. While you may be terrified, picture what it would be like for your child. You should teach your child how to find their way home if they ever […]

Reasons Why Kids Resort To Cyberbullying

REASONS WHY KIDS RESORT TO CYBERBULLYING Cyberbullying affects children around the world on a daily basis. There’s no denying that this is an urgent problem that needs to be addressed. However, if you want to stop cyberbullying, you need to know why they do it in the first place. Anger, vengeance, and a desire to […]

Identifying Your Child’s Potential Enemies

IDENTIFYING YOUR CHILD’S POTENTIAL ENEMIES Being a teen means having lots of friends. While some friendships are healthy, not all friendships are healthy. Some of them are even malicious. Despite this, children are often blind to the harm that their interpersonal interactions can inflict on them. In reality, many adults cannot distinguish between a buddy […]