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How Do I Prevent My Child From Being Sexualized

HOW DO I PREVENT MY CHILD FROM BEING SEXUALIZED? When applied to adolescents and children, “sexualization” usually means “the process of highlighting a person’s sexual character.” Sexualization is a sort of sexuality that is not good for you. Sexism can manifest in four ways, according to the American Psychological Association (APA): When the value of […]

How Are Bullying And Hazing Different

HOW ARE BULLYING AND HAZING DIFFERENT It’s no secret that hazing has become a major problem in both high schools and colleges. Hazing has been reported by more than a quarter of all college students active in clubs, sports, or other groups. At the same time, approximately half of all high school pupils had been […]

Signs of Emotionally Abusive Relationship In Teens

SIGNS OF EMOTIONALLY ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP IN TEENS The prevalence of teen dating abuse may surprise you if you’re like most teenagers. Perhaps it only happens to other students in a school hundreds of miles from where you reside. You may also believe that only men can be abusive or that physical abuse is the only […]

Parent’s Roles In Helping Their Children Respond To Cyber-Bullying

PARENT’S ROLES IN HELPING THEIR CHILDREN RESPOND TO CYBER-BULLYING Cyberbullying is rising as social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter become more popular among young people. There may be even more incidents that go unnoticed. As a result, parents must be prepared to deal with incidences of cyberbullying. In order to deal with cyberbullying and, […]

List of Toxic Friends To Avoid

LIST OF TOXIC FRIENDS TO AVOID The importance of friendships cannot be overstated. Friends may motivate you to attain your goals while also helping you to grow as a person. Aside from that, they’re a great company and can help brighten your spirits if you’re down. However, forming friendships with the wrong kinds of people […]