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5 Ways You Can Nurture Your Baby’s Brain Development

Ways You Can Nurture Your Baby's Brain Development

Your baby’s brain develops swiftly until they are roughly three years old. During this vital period, parents can do various activities to encourage healthy baby development, including favorable brain development. You don’t need anything difficult or expensive to assist your child’s brain development. Nutritious meals, playtime, snuggling, talking, singing, and laughing together will aid in […]

Children Have Gained Weight During The Pandemic

There were several unintended consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, and weight gain was one of them. Many children have gained weight during the pandemic. Forty-two percent of respondents, according to a recent survey, put on weight while under lockdown. A recent investigation has revealed that youngsters have the same difficulties in accepting unexpected windfalls.

Can We Change for the Better This Time?

Lynching and murder occurred for decades after the Emancipation Proclamation was published in 1863. As I watch how I teach my 3-year-old daughter about Black culture, I wonder whether I’m being too hopeful about the current anti-racism movement.