### Tips from Celebrities on Parenting

Tips for Celebrity Parents


M Somasekhar Prasad

Hans News Service | 28 Jan 2024 2:15 AM GMT

Celebrity Parenting Tips

Key Points

Parenting children in today’s world can be just as challenging as navigating adulthood. Every parent encounters difficulties in raising their children, requiring unique approaches to address them effectively. Parenthood is undeniably a significant phase in life, inevitably accompanied by challenges. Literary works such as ‘Sons and Lovers,’ ‘Swamy and Friends,’ ‘The Financial Expert,’ as well as plays like ‘Death of a Salesman’ have depicted these challenges from various perspectives. Film journalist Rashmi Uchil sheds light on the experiences of numerous Bollywood celebrities in her engaging book titled “Raising Stars.”

Rashmi converses with 26 celebrity Bollywood parents who openly share their struggles in guiding their children through life. Some parents draw from personal life lessons and experiences to mentor their children. For instance, actor Mahima Chowdhary treats her daughter Aryana as a friend, imparting valuable lessons from her own life to enhance Aryana’s self-confidence and problem-solving skills, while also setting boundaries when necessary.

Nandita Das, a writer and actor, emphasizes the importance of raising children to be sensitive and confident individuals, irrespective of gender. She believes that parents should engage in discussions with their children about education, habits, character development, and life in general, serving as role models by aligning their actions with their words. Nandita puts these principles into practice with her 8-year-old son.

Archana Puran Singh, known for her role in the movie “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai,” recognizes the uniqueness of each child and tailors her approach accordingly. When her elder son Aryamann displayed inappropriate behavior towards a servant, Archana responded by having him seek forgiveness from the servant, upholding traditional parenting values that occasionally involved disciplinary actions.

Diana Hayden, Miss World 1997 and actor, draws from her childhood experiences in a large household to instill values of cooperation, resilience, and conflict resolution in her three children. Jackie Shroff advocates for allowing children the freedom to make mistakes and face challenges independently, fostering self-reliance and valuable life lessons. He emphasizes the importance of demonstrating hard work without boasting about personal achievements.

Zarine Sanjay Khan, an actor, stresses the significance of nurturing kindness, empathy, and generosity in children, reflecting on her own past struggles and the importance of treating others with dignity. Javed Akhtar, a lyricist and poet, highlights the importance of instilling values of secularism and cultural appreciation in his children, promoting a deep understanding of their heritage and cultural diversity.

Boman Irani, an actor and photographer, emphasizes the virtues of honesty and hard work, drawing from his personal journey of overcoming challenges through perseverance. Suchitra Krishnamoorthy, a single parent, shares her experiences of raising her daughter Kaveri, a multitalented artist, showcasing the resilience and support single parents require to navigate parenthood effectively.

Other celebrity parents such as Pooja Bedi, Madhu Chopra, Sunil Shetty, Neelima Azeem, and Amrita Raichand also provide valuable insights and tips on successful parenting. Rashmi’s book, published in December 2023, offers a compelling narrative with rare family photographs and insightful chapter introductions, making it a valuable resource for all parents.