### Exploring Romantic Messages: A Voicemail Check-In

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Episode Notes

In this episode: Elizabeth, Zak, and Lucy delve into the voicemails you shared with us regarding last week’s special After Dark episodes. We appreciate the engaging discussions these episodes sparked — thus, we are providing closure on Elizabeth and Jeff’s morning routine and addressing strategies for handling mismatched sex drives.

Furthermore, we will reflect on our week in parenting through a series of successes and setbacks… including anecdotes about the Amazon app, desk sketches, and embracing your sexuality.

Join us on Facebook, email us at [email protected] to pose new questions, share your thoughts on today’s episode, and suggest topics for future discussions. Alternatively, you can reach us by phone at (646) 357-9318.

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Podcast crafted by Maura Currie, with special recognition to Rosemary Belson.