### Dad’s Sneaky Technique: Reincorporating Kids’ Unwanted Crusts into Meals

When it comes to nourishing children, parents will employ various strategies to encourage them to eat, particularly when it involves foods they typically reject. One father has gained widespread attention for his innovative approach to incorporating a despised food item into his children’s diet without their knowledge.

Steve Devereux, recognized as @foodmadesimple on TikTok, has unveiled a brilliant parenting technique that converts disliked crusts into a delectable snack that his kids eagerly consume.

The viral post has captivated over 5.4 million viewers, predominantly parents seeking fresh mealtime ideas. Devereux humorously discloses, “The kids claim to detest the crusts, yet unbeknownst to them, they often end up consuming the same crusts I trim off their sandwiches later in the day.”

In a playful manner, the resourceful dad demonstrates how he trims the crusts from his children’s sandwiches, rolls them into a spiral, and places them in a cupcake tray as a base. Subsequently, he coats them with garlic butter and cheese, baking them in the oven to create a savory treat for the kids to relish during the afternoon.

Devereux shares with People, “I devised the concept myself. Since my kids dislike the crust, I am constantly brainstorming innovative ways to utilize them.”

Parents are commending his “ingenious” method, which not only addresses food aversions but also minimizes wastage. One commenter even jests, “You deserve a Nobel prize for this.”

The final outcome showcases the hidden incorporation of crusts, much to the children’s unknowing delight. Followers speculate, “I believe they pretend to dislike the crusts just so you can prepare this delicious snack for them!”

Eager for more inspiration from the inventive dad, fans are inquiring about additional culinary ideas. Some suggest transforming the uneaten end slices of the loaf into delectable creations, while others anticipate a forthcoming “Garlic butter tutorial” promised by Devereux.

In a recent Instagram video, Devereux showcases his culinary prowess by crafting cheesy waffles from his kids’ rejected crusts, leaving his audience eager to discover his next innovative culinary endeavor.