Committing Kindness Is the Best Way to Raise Happy Children

It’s a win-win situation if you do a good deed. It benefits others and makes the deed-doer feel better about themselves. Learn more why committing kindness is the best way to raise happy children.

There’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve helped someone in need by producing a get-well card with your kids for Uncle Gary. In addition, being kind to others is an excellent strategy to boost your own happiness. It’s called a “helper’s high” by researchers because we feel better when we do good deeds.

And the nice vibes begin early on as well. In a study conducted in Canada, children who shared their snacks with others were found to be happy than those who kept them for themselves. Doing three acts of kindness a week for a month made nine- and eleven-year-olds feel better about themselves and more popular at school.

Consider this insightful finding to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to helping others: Three to five acts of kindness a week may be the perfect amount of compassion to practice. It’s even more effective if you do them all in a single day.

This may be due to the fact that actions performed on the same day are more readily remembered. So go ahead and spend some quality time together as a family performing random acts of kindness. Isn’t that something you’d rather do than chores?

Make Yourself Happy

Declare a day every week when you do three good deeds. Dinnertime is a great time to challenge each member of your family to come up with three acts of kindness. Get our printable Nice Deeds Tracker (see below) to keep track of how many good deeds your family performs each day.

Invest some of your spare cash in acts of kindness. Donate to the same cause together. Plus, you’ll be happier than you would have been if you’d spent the money on yourself instead. A 2007 study found that people who spent $5 of their own money to benefit others experienced the same results. Use our printable Kindness Fund label (see below) to decorate your container, place it in a prominent location, and encourage donations with enthusiastic applause.

Do Good Deeds as a Group

Donating your time as a family can increase the positive effects of charity. Using these websites, you can get in touch with organizations and concepts that encourage participation from the entire team:

Do-it-yourself philanthropic tasks like baking dog biscuits for a local shelter or picking up litter in your neighborhood parks can be found on the website. It’s all about getting youngsters excited about doing good deeds in their communities, with age and interest-based options. To find family-friendly events in your area or long-distance ways to help, enter your zip code in the search box.

It’s Possible!

Yes, some of us are happier by nature than the majority. Eeyore and Tigger may sit next to one other at the dinner table because of this. However, only around 40% of our feelings of well-being can be attributed to our genes; the remainder is a result of a combination of external factors and our own choices.

This shows that families have a lot of control over their own mood. Rather than an innate quality, a person’s ability to be happy can be learned. Making committing kindness is the best way to raise happy children.

There is a…

We posed the following question to the children: What would make your family more content?

  • More time to just have fun with one other.
  • One of the actual Pokémon.
  • A dolphin is the subject of this article.
  • A lot more hugs and kisses
  • All of the Lego kits will be put to good use.
  • A well-stocked library
  • A schooner with a cabin
  • pets that clean up after themselves

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