Conversation Cards for TableTopics

We’ve all been there: sitting at a party with strangers, wondering how we’re going to get to know them, let alone get through the evening. Perhaps you’re sitting at the dinner table, trying to persuade the kids to “open up” about their day. Does this sound uncomfortably familiar? Conversation Cards for TableTopics can be the perfect solution to help break the ice and spark engaging discussions.

If your family is tired of small talk, we have a solution for you: TableTopics.

These cubed-shaped table toppers were inspired by a single thought: getting people to open up.

Cristy Clarke was on her way to a Christmas party in December 2002, trying to think of interesting conversation pieces because she didn’t want to get stuck in the small-talk rut.

She tried various questions and was successful in getting people to start talking. So, the next morning, she jotted down questions to put to her three daughters at dinner, and the rest is history.

For $25, you get 135 questions in a 4-inch acrylic cube. There are 20 different editions available, including family, teen, and slumber party editions.

The teen edition for ages 13 and up, which first appeared in 2006, was updated this spring.

Some questions will be silly, while others will be serious. Either way, they get kids and adults to open up and start a conversation.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect holiday party item, serve dinner with a side of TableTopics.

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