### Criticism of DDG for Handling Baby Halo in a ‘Frightening’ Manner

DDG’s parenting skills were questioned after a photo surfaced showing him holding his newborn son, Halo, in an unconventional manner, with just one hand by his hip. The YouTuber-turned-rapper faced criticism online for the way he held his baby, prompting mixed reactions from the public.

In response to the backlash, DDG shared another photo holding his son more conventionally, accompanied by a caption asserting his right to hold his baby as he sees fit, indicating they were “chillin” together. Despite the negative comments, some defended DDG, pointing out that the baby’s body was adequately supported in the unconventional hold.

The controversial picture, part of a promotional campaign for DDG’s new song “Shoot Up Your Block,” featured footage of him bonding with Halo. The birth of Halo, welcomed by DDG and Halle Bailey on January 7, was a significant milestone for the couple, with DDG expressing overwhelming love and admiration for his son and partner.

DDG publicly praised Bailey for her mothering skills, acknowledging the profound impact of witnessing the birth process and gaining a newfound respect for women. The rapper shared his awe and vulnerability in witnessing the miracle of childbirth, emphasizing the transformative experience and his deep appreciation for the strength of women.