### Managing Parenting Time with Our Daughter: Ex-wife’s Gift Strategy Backfires

DEAR ABBY: My former partner has primary custody of our young daughter, “Kayli,” and spends the majority of time with her. I have the pleasure of having Kayli stay with me every other weekend. However, during these visits, my ex has been sending Kayli with a bag of meticulously wrapped presents, each marked with a specific day and time for opening. Additionally, she has set multiple alarms on our daughter’s phone to remind her to open these gifts promptly.

I have expressed my concerns about this practice to my ex, explaining that it disrupts and distracts from the quality time I have with Kayli. There have been instances during our meals where Kayli’s phone alarm goes off, prompting her to leave the table and open a present. At times, she even delays our plans if she anticipates a gift-opening moment.

I have resorted to disabling the alarms and muting Kayli’s phone, as I have noticed that without the reminders, she shows little interest in the presents. However, my ex persists in this behavior, insisting that it brings comfort to our daughter and refusing to discontinue the practice.

This gift-giving ritual only commenced three months ago, coinciding with the finalization of our custody agreement, despite Kayli visiting my home for the past 10 months. Apart from managing the alarms and muting the phone, I am seeking advice on how to address and limit my ex-partner’s interference during Kayli’s time with me. – DISRUPTED IN THE EAST

DEAR DISRUPTED: You have options to address this situation. I suggest reaching out to your legal counsel to address and halt this deliberate interference by your ex. It is crucial to establish boundaries to prevent your ex from undermining the relationship you are trying to build with Kayli, as this dynamic is not conducive to a healthy environment for either you or your daughter.