– **Navigating Parenthood**: Emily Blunt and John Krasinski Discuss the ‘Existential Crisis’ of Parenting

Once upon a time, Emily Blunt, known for her roles in “Oppenheimer” and “A Quiet Place,” crossed paths with John Krasinski, famous for his work in “The Office” and “Jack Ryan.” During their early days, Blunt decided to prepare Ina Garten’s renowned “engagement chicken” for Krasinski.

Following their engagement, the couple welcomed two charming daughters into their family. Despite their celebrity status, Blunt and Krasinski prefer to keep their family life private, sharing minimal photos or personal details. However, in July, Blunt revealed her decision to take a hiatus from acting to prioritize her family.

In a candid moment on the “Table for Two With Bruce Bozzi” podcast, Blunt expressed the significance of being present for her daughters during their formative years. She emphasized the importance of engaging in daily routines such as waking them up, taking them to school, picking them up, and tucking them into bed.

Like many mothers, Blunt grapples with feelings of mom guilt, acknowledging the societal pressure on women to balance motherhood with personal ambitions. She advocates for women to pursue their dreams with purpose, challenging the notion that ambition is incompatible with motherhood.

Despite their successful careers, Blunt and Krasinski humorously revealed that their daughters are unaware of their professions. Krasinski amusingly shared an anecdote where a fan mistook him for an accountant, leading to speculation about his daughters’ understanding of their parents’ work.


Krasinski joyfully announced the birth of his first daughter, Hazel, on Feb. 16, 2014, via a heartfelt tweet. While embracing fatherhood brought him immense happiness, Krasinski admitted to experiencing an existential crisis as he navigated the responsibilities of parenthood.

Blunt fondly recalled Hazel’s early days, noting her brief flirtation with an English accent that later evolved into an American pronunciation. Despite the linguistic shift, Hazel’s charming demeanor left a lasting impression on her parents.


On July 4, 2016, Krasinski took to Twitter once more to share the arrival of their second daughter, Violet, coinciding with the Independence Day celebrations. The couple found the second pregnancy to be a more relaxed experience, having gained insight from their initial journey into parenthood.

Blunt reflected on the contrasting nature of her second pregnancy, highlighting the differences in her approach and mindset compared to the first time. While the initial pregnancy was filled with pampering and self-indulgence, the subsequent one demanded juggling the demands of motherhood with caring for a toddler.

As their family expanded to four members, Krasinski expressed his delight at witnessing the budding bond between Hazel and Violet. He marveled at the pure affection Hazel showed towards her younger sister, envisioning a lasting and beautiful relationship blossoming between the siblings.

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