**Relieved New Mom Finds Comfort in Mother’s Parenting Tips Captured on Doorbell Camera**

A mother has confessed that she was struggling with postpartum fatigue until her own mother left a heartwarming message on the doorbell camera, reminding her that the pursuit of perfection in parenthood is unrealistic—and that’s perfectly acceptable.

Monica Murphy, a content creator based in Vancouver, Canada, shared in an Instagram video that she was still recuperating from delivering her third child when she began feeling pressured to resume normalcy. It was her mother’s candid yet reassuring words that provided solace.

Murphy, who had undergone a C-section and was juggling the demands of caring for a newborn and her other children—all under the age of 4, with two still breastfeeding—shared the touching message her mother left on the doorbell camera after noticing her daughter’s exhaustion and stress.

Expressing relief after hearing her mother’s comforting parenting advice, Murphy highlighted the overwhelming expectations she was facing, including returning to work, maintaining a tidy home, being present for her children, carving out time for herself, her spouse, and friends. She acknowledged the impossibility of managing all these tasks single-handedly without jeopardizing her well-being.

Unbeknownst to Murphy, her mother Nancy sensed her distress and, before leaving, imparted words of wisdom captured by the doorbell camera. Nancy emphasized that what children remember most is the love and time spent with them, not the cleanliness of the house.

Encouraging mothers to be kind to themselves regarding their accomplishments, Murphy shared her mother’s advice, emphasizing the importance of cherishing moments with happy children as the most significant aspect of parenting.

Statistics from the Pew Research Center reveal that mothers often perceive parenting as exhausting and stressful compared to fathers. They also express more concerns about their children facing challenges like bullying or mental health issues and feel judged by others for their parenting choices.

In an emotional moment, Murphy tearfully admitted that her mother’s words deeply resonated with her, recognizing the universal need for such reassurance among mothers.

Ultimately, motherhood does not require perfection at all times; instead, women should embrace moments of simplicity, knowing that showering their children with love is paramount above all else.