### Six-Week Resource Program for New Parents Offered by Family Services Inc.

Parents and other caregivers of children under five now have the opportunity to participate in an ongoing six-week parenting skills program offered by Moose Jaw Family Services Inc. The program aims to connect new parents with community services, resources, and essential skills necessary for their well-being.

Titled ‘Nobody’s Perfect,’ the parenting program is currently accepting applications. Although originally scheduled to begin on Feb. 8, inclement weather caused a delay in the program’s start date. This delay could be advantageous for individuals interested in joining the program but were previously unaware of it.

“This program is inclusive of every parent,” stated Tara Jones, the executive director of Moose Jaw Family Services. She emphasized that the program caters to individuals navigating the challenges of parenthood, dealing with child behavior issues, or seeking to enhance their parenting skills.

The program provides a valuable platform to understand children’s emotions and behaviors. Lessons are centered around shared experiences, allowing participants to address their specific concerns based on their unique circumstances.

Kayla, the program facilitator, highlighted that sessions focus on topics chosen by the participating parents rather than following a rigid curriculum. Through group discussions led by a facilitator, parents can exchange real-life parenting experiences and explore positive parenting techniques.

Moreover, the program is offered free of charge, requiring only attendance. This initiative aims to support caregivers of young children who may have limited access to other parenting resources, particularly those facing financial constraints or lacking a support system.

Participants can expect to gain insights into childhood development, child safety, health, and behavior management through the structured courses offered in the program. The overarching objective is to foster positive parenting by enhancing parents’ knowledge of their children’s well-being, reinforcing existing skills, and acquiring new strategies.

Upon program completion, parents are anticipated to experience enhanced self-esteem and an expanded set of coping mechanisms for their parental responsibilities.

Jones emphasized the significance of not only acquiring valuable skills but also establishing meaningful connections with other parents facing similar challenges and life stages. Addressing prevalent mental health issues such as loneliness and isolation is a key focus, aligning with global concerns raised by the World Health Organization regarding mental health crises like depression.

To inquire about the upcoming program dates, interested individuals are advised to contact Kayla via email at [email protected]. For additional information or registration for the ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ parenting program, reach out to 306-630-8349 or email Kayla at [email protected].

The Moose Jaw Family Services Inc. office is situated at 200 Main Street South, where the ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ parenting program convenes in the boardroom.