Finding A Babysitter For Children With Special Needs

An evening out. A vacation for a few days. One of your other children is celebrating an important occasion with you. There are times when you need a babysitter for a child with special needs more than most people realize. But he needs a babysitter who is capable of handling him properly. Finding a babysitter for children with special needs who you can completely rely on may seem impossible. But you’ll find tips in this article on what you can do.

It’s not clear if she has any medical or behavioral issues. You need someone to step in when your youngster is unable to make smart decisions on their own. When the odds stacked against your child, who will protect him or her? No, that isn’t something a neighborhood kid should be doing. That is a tough one. Here’s a good place to start looking.


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It’s possible that there are people in your own family who you wouldn’t trust with your child’s well-being more than you would a random stranger. It’s possible to find child-sitting services in the home of a family member who is sympathetic and has a good relationship with your child. Don’t hesitate to ask for what you want, but don’t take advantage of others.

Friendships Built on Mutual Trust and Respect

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In this case, we aren’t referring to a casual acquaintance. It’s possible that a friend who is close to you and your child would be delighted to have the chance to catch up. These surrogate “uncles” and “aunts” are a great method to strengthen your child’s relationship with them, as well as their own.

Child’s School

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Young teachers might be looking for a part-time job, so if you see one you like, it might be worth discretely asking if there’s any babysitting availability without endangering anyone’s career.

Ask classroom aids if they would be interested in babysitting as they may enjoy a chance for some extra revenue.

Providers of Child Care

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Professionals who care for your child in a daycare, preschool, or after-school program can provide the same quality of service in your home. Whether there’s a worker you or your child particularly enjoys, find a covert method to ask if they’d perhaps be available for occasional babysitting.


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S/O/P teachers are often recent graduates who are still making payments on their student debts. There may be some conflict of interest in their seeing a youngster out of school, but if they’re interested in child-watching during the summer, it’s worth checking in with them.


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Members of your religious group may know about parents searching for extra labor to assist their kids pay for college or supplement the family income. Another possibility is to publish an advertisement in a local newspaper or church bulletin. As a parent, be honest about your child’s disabilities.

Colleges In The Area

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To find out if a college in your area offers special education programs, phone the offices of those programs and see if students close to graduating, with some experience in dealing with special-needs children, would appreciate the opportunity to work informally with your child.

Group of Friends

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There is a good chance that the moms in your support group are too preoccupied with their own difficult children to watch yours as well. However, they could know of decent babysitter resources in your neighborhood that they might recommend to you. It’s worth a shot.

Services for Temporary Assistance at the State or Local Level

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Respite programs provide you with a night or weekend break from caring for your child while someone else does so. Services in your region can be found through the ARCH National Respite Network. To identify services in your area, use the National Respite Locator.

A Spouse You Have at Home

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It definitely wrecks date night, but if finding someone outside the immediate family is hard, try to at least alternate so that each of you has some time to yourself while also serving as the other’s only caregiver and playmate. You may do a lot to relax and rejuvenate yourself with a weekly cup of coffee with a buddy or a half-hour at the gym. Grab what you can..

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