Getting a Flu Shot

The flu is a viral respiratory disease that can cause mild to severe illness and even death. Here’s when your kid should get a flu shot.

When is the best time to get my child vaccinated against the flu?

It’s time to be vaccinated against the flu! During the winter months, “flu season” occurs. It’s something that happens from October to April, in my opinion. For my patients, I urge them to get their flu shots as soon as they see an advertisement for the Mississippi state fair. Flu vaccination is already being delivered to the majority of clinics.

At the age of six months, children begin receiving vaccinations. Patients under the age of eight should receive two doses, one month apart, to help build immunity.

Let’s look at a few examples. 

The second dosage is due in April if your child is six months old in March. How will you protect yourself if your local clinics aren’t stocked with vaccines at the appropriate time? Two dosages a month apart would be given to you in 2015 and 2016. 

If your child is under the age of 8 and has never had the vaccine, you should give them two doses one month apart throughout that season. There was to be one dose a year from that point on.

The flu season this year is a concern for me because of covid. Flu incidence decreased last year due to our efforts to conceal our symptoms, maintain a distance from others, and avoid social events. 

Flu season will be intriguing to watch as our communities open up and maskless. To protect your child from the flu, I strongly recommend getting vaccinated against the virus.

Asthma, congenital heart disease, or immunological suppression are all reasons to get your child vaccinated against the flu every year.

Here’s a related article about why RSV is so harmful right now.

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