### Gisele Bundchen discusses sharing parental responsibilities with Tom Brady

GISELE Bundchen shared insights into her parenting approach post her separation from Tom Brady.

Following their divorce a year ago, Bundchen and Brady are navigating co-parenting their children.

Gisele Bundhen featured on the cover of Harper’s Bazar


Gisele Bundchen was featured on the cover of Harper’s BazaarCredit: Luis Alberto Rodriguez for Harper’s BAZAAR

Bundchen opened up about the challenges of coparenting with Tom Brady


Bundchen discussed the complexities of co-parenting with Tom BradyCredit: Luis Alberto Rodriguez for Harper’s BAZAAR

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Bundchen reflected on the evolving dynamics of parenting separately from Brady.

Bundchen emphasized the influence of her upbringing on her parenting style, stating, “You are where you come from.”

She added, “All those things that I learned as a kid are things that are in me. It doesn’t change. In many ways, it’s also what kept me safe, because my value system was so strong.”

Their shared children, 14-year-old Benjamin and 11-year-old Vivian, are at the core of their co-parenting journey.

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Acknowledging the distinct upbringing her children experience compared to hers, Bundchen strives to equip them with the tools for independence.

“Today, being in the place where I am in my life and having access to all the different things I’ve had access to, I feel like the simple things are best because I keep trying to go back to those things,” Bundchen expressed.

“At the end of the day, those are the things that make me the happiest.”

Bundchen utilizes everyday tasks like making the bed to instill life skills in her children.

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She emphasized, “The way you make your room, the way you organize and make your bed is the way you’re going to do your life.”

Reflecting on the challenges of dual parenting styles due to their separate households, Bundchen highlighted her commitment to imparting valuable lessons to her children.

Despite external opinions, Bundchen remains steadfast in her pride for her family’s growth and resilience.

“I can’t really worry about what other people say about me because what they say about me is none of my business. It’s really their business that they’re trying to project onto me,” she asserted.

“If I’m going to be affected by that, I’m never going to live my truth.”

Brady, in a June 2023 statement, commended their joint efforts in raising their children with solid values.

“I think myself and their mom have done an amazing job of providing that,” Brady remarked.

Acknowledging the ongoing learning process of parenthood, Brady emphasized the importance of adapting and growing alongside their children.

The former couple finalized their divorce in October 2022.

Bundchen spoke about teaching her kids lessons on being independent


Bundchen shared her insights on instilling independence in her childrenCredit: Luis Alberto Rodriguez for Harper’s BAZAAR

Bundchen and Brady divorced in October of 2022


Bundchen and Brady officially ended their marriage in October 2022Credit: Luis Alberto Rodriguez for Harper’s BAZAAR