### Protecting Children Online: Harry and Meghan’s Warning to Parents

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have released a heartfelt statement expressing their concern that parents are unable to effectively shield their children from the dangers of social media platforms.

The announcement, featured on their Archewell website, follows the recent appearance of Mark Zuckerberg and other social media executives before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. The committee is currently investigating allegations that children have faced harm, and in some cases, even death, due to their exposure to online content.

In their statement, the couple commended the courage and persistence of numerous parents nationwide whose advocacy efforts led to the Senate hearing. They acknowledged having engaged with many of these families over the years, empathizing with their struggles and sharing their aspirations for critical reforms within the digital realm.

Accompanied by a poignant image captured during the Senate hearing, showing grieving parents holding up pictures of their deceased children while Zuckerberg addressed the assembly, Harry and Meghan emphasized that the issue at hand transcends political divides and unites individuals across party lines.

“The most diligent parenting cannot fully shield children from the perils of these platforms,” remarked Harry and Meghan, underscoring the pervasive nature of the challenge.

The couple has been staunch advocates for safeguarding children from online harm, exemplified by their initiative last year on World Mental Health Day when they convened a “parents’ summit” themed “Mental Wellness in a Digital Age.”

During the recent congressional session, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) directly confronted Meta’s CEO Zuckerberg and his peers, accusing them of indirectly causing harm. “I understand that it may not be your intention, but the consequences are severe. Your product is resulting in fatalities,” remarked Graham.

At one poignant moment, Zuckerberg rose to address a group of anguished parents in the audience, some of whom displayed portraits of teenagers who had tragically taken their own lives following online abuse. He expressed remorse, stating, “I deeply regret the suffering your families have endured. It’s abhorrent. No one should endure the pain that your loved ones have faced.”

Lawmakers extensively questioned Zuckerberg and the heads of TikTok, Discord, X, and Snap during a Senate Judiciary Committee session titled “Big Tech and the Online Child Sexual Exploitation Crisis.”