How exercise can help teens manage puberty!

Teenagers’ bodies and minds undergo significant transformations during puberty, which can cause discomfort or worsen any existing concerns with body image. Do you know how I can help you? Fitness. Here’s how exercise can help teens manage puberty!

How exercise can help teens
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Tweens and teens who engage in regular physical activity may feel more in control of their bodies as they transition into adulthood. Regular exercise can help adolescents maintain a healthy weight and cope well with stress (even as their hormones compel them to add pounds).

Even as your teens get more self-reliant, they still need you to talk to them about their weight and health.

Male Sexual Development and the Coming of Age

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Physically, boys become more athletic when they reach adolescence. Even obese boys can be motivated to increase their physical activity, but obese boys may avoid it because they are ashamed of their weight.

Boys at this age may be very stressed to “bulk up” and bulk up. And harmful actions can result as a result of that. According to a study published in Pediatrics, teens who engage in some muscle-enhancing practices may be increasing, particularly among athletes and overweight children.

How exercise can help teens
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The research subjects were nearly 2,800 students (boys and girls) from 20 different middle and high schools. They discovered five distinct methods by which children of this age attempt to bulk up. Changes in eating and exercise habits could be beneficial. Overconsumption of protein, as well as the use of anabolic steroids, are all viewed as harmful. Nearly one in five teens did three or more of these activities.

According to the authors of this study, kids are engaging in these practices to feel better about their bodies because of our culture’s emphasis on being thin and muscular (not necessarily for good health). To help kids understand what is good and what is not when it comes to gaining muscle and shedding fat, parents or doctors must educate them.

Puberty and Girls

How exercise can help teens
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Understandably, puberty can be a difficult time for girls. Those who go through puberty early may feel self-conscious about their growing curves and newfound sexuality. Those who mature later than their contemporaries feel that they’re being left behind. It’s typical for females to acquire weight during puberty, yet they may wonder, “Am I fat?” Eating disorders are more likely in people with a negative self-perception (boys, too).

Adolescent girls who participated in a study on muscle-building practices were more likely to alter their diet and exercise regimens. Of course, if done correctly, this may be a positive development! So don’t stop talking to your daughter about making healthy decisions.

The Importance of Sport

How exercise can help teens
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It’s fine if your tween or adolescent doesn’t enjoy participating in sports. You don’t want to bring more stress to your teen’s life by making them participate in a team sport.

Physical activity, in whatever shape it takes, is the most important thing for your child. Furthermore, it helps reduce stress while enhancing one’s overall health. That’s why you should help her pick a form of exercise she enjoys. Since exercise can help our teens manage puberty.

If you’d like, you and your friends may join a sports team or learn a new skill together!

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