How To Buy Pre-Owned Baby Items

There’s so much to consider and choose when having a baby. While it’s fun to browse, it can be overwhelming and expensive. But it’s time for you to be savvy and in this article, you will know you can buy pre-owned baby items the right way.

With some know-how, you may locate unique, trendy used solutions that may suit you and your child more than brand new. Our guide can help you avoid costly mistakes, keep safe while buying online or in person, and make the most of your used purchases.

Why Do Parents Buy Secondhand Items?

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Used goods reduce your carbon and financial footprints. Secondhand goods are developing fast. The resale market is predicted to grow 11-fold in the next five years across several industries.

This is true for parents who desire the most extraordinary things for less money. Children are expensive, so getting name-brand gear at a reasonable price is a must, especially since they outgrow things rapidly. Plus, keeping goods out of landfills and being eco-friendly is important to many parents.

Where to buy used goods?

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Even if the final sale is in person, most secondhand purchases start online. Sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace might help you connect in person. While Poshmark, Mercari, and ThredUP offer a direct-to-consumer consignment experience.

Despite modern perspectives on buying used, consignment companies still sell gently worn baby and kids’ products. These classic businesses are good for anyone who needs to touch before buying or wants expert advice.

Items to avoid buying when buying used:

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For the sake of safety, don’t buy these old things. Breast pumps and crib mattresses shouldn’t be used.¬†Personal breast pumps are single-use and easily contaminated. But you can reduce waste by recycling. Most breast pumps include instructions on their websites.

Crib mattresses get wet from blowouts, runny noses, spit-up, etc. You can’t just put a mattress in the washing machine, so sanitizing it for your infant is hard. If you want your baby’s mattress to be clean, avoid buying it used.

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Clothing and gear are the safest utilized baby goods. Clothing includes pajamas, onesies, jackets, and everyday wear. While gear includes high chairs, playgrounds, strollers, toys, and more (save a few above).

If you can find a used crib or car seat, you can save money, but it’s tough. Try to buy cribs and car seats in person so you can examine them first. If you start your search online, ask for images before meeting up and avoid internet-only resales of cribs and car seats.

1. Car seats.

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It’s safer to buy new car seats, but buying an old one for a grandparent’s automobile may work. Car seats expire 6 to 10 years after production. The expiration date is printed on every car seat’s white label. If you’re buying on Facebook Marketplace, ask for the expiration date.

2. Cribs

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If it was made after June 2011, federal requirements assure it’s safe. If you want a crib produced before 2011, make sure all pieces fit tightly, and slats have no more than 2-3/8″ space between them.

3. Pre-Loved Transactions

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Buying secondhand involves many unspoken restrictions, unlike at a store or online. Forms of payment, pricing, and delivery can all be negotiated. Knowledge is power, even if it seems overwhelming. Once you know how to buy used, you may prefer to buy new.

4. A Smart In-Person Deal

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If you’re in a consignment shop, look for signs of damage. If the price appears too low, it probably is. When meeting someone in person, meet in a neutral area, inspect the item, and pay with cash or a secure peer-to-peer payment tool like Zelle or Venmo. Do ask questions.

6. How to barter?

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Consignment stores each have their unique negotiation policy. Independent vendors and stores should always be friendly. Check the data before negotiating a lower price. If it’s been for sale a while or is out-of-season, the seller may accept a reduced price. Shipping is non-negotiable and fixed by platforms.

7. Cleaning secondhand baby gears.

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You should always take measures when introducing a used baby item into your home. To remove dust, dander, filth, and bacteria, wash objects with soap and water, wipe them with disinfectant wipes, or wash fabric goods in the washer.

Buying used baby gear and apparel is a personal decision for each family. Performing due diligence can save you time, hassle, and money. For sanitation, clean the objects thoroughly to remove dust, dander, grime, and bacteria by rinsing them with soap and water, wiping them with disinfectant wipes, or washing fabric goods.

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