### Detecting Marijuana Odor on My 13-Year-Old: What Should I Do?

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Episode Insights

In this episode: Elizabeth, Zak, and Lucy assist a listener who suspects the presence of marijuana when their young teenager and a friend entered the car. The concerned parent contemplates whether they should address the situation… and if so, how? Additionally, they ponder the appropriate age for such discussions.

Furthermore, we will reflect on our parenting successes and challenges of the week — including an update on Henry’s independent journey in Tokyo — and share feedback from listeners regarding teenage tattoos.

Connect with us on Facebook, or email us at [email protected] to submit new inquiries, provide feedback on today’s episode, and suggest topics for future discussions. You can also reach us via phone: (646) 357-9318.

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Podcast created by Maura Currie, with special acknowledgment to Rosemary Belson.