### Simplifying Life: Juggling Full-Time Work with a Six-Month-Old

A working mother is weary of listening to complaints from stay-at-home mothers about their challenging and lengthy days. She firmly believes that her own responsibilities are significantly more demanding and asserts that she can accomplish everything they do and more within a single day.

In a TikTok video shared by first-time-mom Ina Lee (@leeiinna), she expressed her controversial perspective on stay-at-home moms, sparking criticism for her apparent lack of awareness. Lee confidently stated, “I’m just going to say it, but being a stay-at-home mom is easy.”

Having observed numerous TikToks where stay-at-home moms detailed their workload and self-worth tied to it, she felt “frustrated.” Despite working full-time with an infant son at home, she manages her corporate job without daycare assistance. Her husband, herself, and her mother divide the childcare duties throughout the week.

Lee highlighted that she handles all the standard errands similar to stay-at-home moms, emphasizing that her chores are not magically completed by the end of her workday. She still needs to prepare dinner, do laundry, and clean the house, asserting that her multitasking should be highly valued due to the extent of her responsibilities.

Acknowledging the importance of the tasks undertaken by stay-at-home moms, Lee suggested that they should appreciate their situation as a significant luxury. She shared her experience of efficiently managing her time on days off, accomplishing tasks like meal-prepping for the week, multiple loads of laundry, house cleaning, and caring for her son within a single day, leaving her with idle time.

While recognizing the responsibilities of stay-at-home moms, Lee criticized their efforts to showcase their workload, portraying the role as a “break” that she would like to experience. She acknowledged her limited perspective as a mother of one child and refrained from speaking for mothers with multiple kids, emphasizing that working mothers truly deserve recognition.

Despite Lee’s confident assertions, many viewers challenged her viewpoint. Some pointed out her situation with one child and three caregivers, highlighting the evolving challenges of parenting as children grow. Others, including working moms, emphasized the mental and emotional toll of being a stay-at-home parent, countering Lee’s perception of it being effortless.

In a separate TikTok video, Lee elaborated on her responsibilities while applying makeup, underscoring the juggling act between her professional and domestic duties.