10 Delightful Ideas to Honor Grandparents on Their Special Day

Forget the trinkets; this year, consider these ideas to honor grandparents on their special day by encouraging your children to give their grandparents heartfelt presents instead. Meaningful gifts foster a stronger connection and create lasting memories for both generations.

Grandparents Day is celebrated in the United States on the first Sunday of September, immediately following Labor Day. On Grandparents Day, it is appropriate to share feelings of gratitude and affection with one’s grandparents and any other significant adults in one’s children’s life.

On the occasion of Grandparents Day, the following are ten inventive ways to honor grandparents and other special individuals in your life.

Make a list of “I Love You Because…”

Whenever your child listens to one of Papa’s crazy made-up songs, does it make them laugh out loud every time? Do they take great pride in the nicknames that Nana has bestowed upon them? Make them make a list that includes this item and everything else they adore about their grandparents. Then, on the day of the big event, read it out loud to their grandparents. They can get a copy emailed to them or printed out so they can follow along.

Cook Their Favorite Dessert

Do you need a fail-safe approach to make Grandparents Day more enjoyable? You should assist your child in preparing their favorite delicacy, and then help them embellish it with sprinkles, raisins, or nuts for added flair. Tip: If you’re going to carry the treats to their home or mail them to another town, make sure to choose a recipe that holds up well in transit.

Have a Sleepover

Spending additional time with their grandkids is often at the very top of the wish lists of grandparents, and what could be a better way to do so than to host a sleepover? To avoid having to rush from a party or playdate to visit their grandparents, choose a day that is convenient for both the kids and their grandparents and make sure that day is free of commitments. Have your youngster make plans for lunch or dinner instead of an overnight stay if they can’t have a sleepover with their friend.

Make A Flip Book Out Of Kisses

This adorable kiss flip book isn’t quite the same as giving someone a peck on the cheek, but it’s pretty darn close. (A bonus is that it can be put together in only one afternoon!)

The following is the method for it:

  • Take a picture of your child kissing the camera as they are posed in front of a plain wall that is white or another light hue.
  • Create around five prints of the shot. (A helpful hint: If you want the book to be pocket-sized, choose prints with lower dimensions (think 2×3).)
  • Have your youngster use a permanent red marker to draw a tiny heart on the picture that you have taken.
  • Put a heart in the corner of each succeeding picture (i.e., two hearts on the second print, three hearts on the third, and so on).
  • To bind the images, punch holes in one side of each one and then tie them together using string or pipe cleaners.

Take A Stroll Through the Halls Of Memory

Your youngster should speak with their parents and grandparents about their life experiences; everyone has a wonderful tale to share. Because the question “Tell me about your life” is difficult to respond to, you should have your child prepare a few more specific inquiries in advance. Here are some illustrations to get you started:

  • “When you were a youngster, what was your favorite thing to do after you got home from school?”
  • “Over the summer, what was your absolute favorite activity to participate in?”
  • “How did you two first meet?”

Don’t forget to record the chat so it can be heard in the future!

Put Together a Scrapbook

Make a keepsake scrapbook out of your child’s favorite photos, letters, and other keepsakes from the time they spent with their grandparents, and then place them in the book. Consider buying it for them as a holiday present if you don’t have much time this year because that would be a thoughtful gesture.

Find Out More About Their Interests

Your child can pick up a lot of useful information from their grandparents, whether it be how to throw the perfect strike, play a tune on the organ, or bait a hook. Request that they spend the afternoon with them engaging in some of their most beloved pastimes. Your child will not only be able to create new memories, but they also might find something new that interests them!

Personalize A T-Shirt to Your Specifications

Your child’s depiction of their grandparent in sidewalk chalk can be elevated to the next level by having a photograph taken and having it printed on a t-shirt for the grandparent in question. The design of the shirt is straightforward and may be completed in its entirety on your mobile device. It is recommended that you check out websites like CafePress.com and CustomInk.com, but you should keep in mind that the printing process typically takes several days.

Put Together a Photo Book

A straightforward photo album is an excellent choice for a present that is sure to be remembered and can be put together in less than half an hour. Make some prints of some of your most treasured and current photographs of your children, whether by themselves or with their grandparents or other family members. If at all possible, affix a date stamp to the reverse side. Put the snaps in a book that is blank, and then have your youngster write something on the inner cover of the album.

You can also use a service like Shutterfly or Google Photos, which both provide these kinds of photo books, to create a photo book using digital images, have the book printed, and then have it delivered to you.

Play One of Their Favorite Songs While You Serenade Them

Is Billy Joel represented heavily on the playlist that your parents listen to? Is the soundtrack to “Jersey Boys” playing nonstop in the vehicle that your child is traveling in with their special person? Teach your child one of their favorite songs and have them perform it for their family members who have passed away. Ensure that the performance is recorded so they can continue to enjoy it even after the big day has passed.

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