### Expecting Again: A Decade of Annual Additions to the Family

A mother of 10 has shared how she successfully welcomed a new baby each year since 2009, with another one on the way.

Karissa Collins, aged 40, is the proud mother of three boys and seven girls, expecting her eleventh child in August this year.

Karissa educates her children at their residence in the US and frequently captures their daily lives for their 309k TikTok followers.

Despite the family’s online presence, they have become targets for online bullies.

While some have criticized the choice of names for the children, likening one to a “hemorrhoid ointment,” Karissa recently faced backlash for the size of her family.

Critics on the family’s Instagram page have condemned Karissa for having a large number of children, suggesting that it should be deemed “illegal” to raise such a sizable brood.

Nevertheless, Karissa remains undeterred by the negativity.

Addressing the criticism in a TikTok video, she expressed, “Since my lifestyle and beliefs are so controversial… I’m sure we can all unify on the fact that our kids get a kick out of these words. Like why?”

Despite the online negativity, many individuals admire and compliment the beauty of her family.

Karissa manages the household and homeschools her children while her husband works outside to provide for the family.

In a heartwarming message, Karissa thanked her husband for his dedication and hard work in supporting their large family.

Karissa, known as The Collins Kids on TikTok, has amassed 5.5 million likes on her account, showcasing snippets of their family life to a wide audience.