### Frustrating Parenting Habits That Annoy Ex Nursery Workers

A former employee at a nursery has shared insights into the behaviors of parents that used to frustrate her, highlighting a particular clothing blunder that could be embarrassing for kids.

In a Reddit post, a mother seeking advice on being a “good daycare parent” received numerous responses from daycare workers expressing their grievances with parents. One individual, claiming to be a former nursery worker, outlined a series of actions by parents that irked her.

Her first issue revolved around parents failing to provide essential supplies for their children, such as diapers, wipes, and spare clothes. She emphasized the importance of communication if financial constraints were a concern.

Additionally, she mentioned her annoyance when parents did not appropriately dress their children for the weather, leading to inconveniences in locating spare clothing or coats.

Furthermore, she recounted an incident where a parent ceased bringing their child to nursery after a cheap necklace broke, cautioning against sending items with sentimental value.

The worker also expressed frustration with parents dressing their children in expensive attire, making it challenging to prevent messes during activities like arts and crafts.

She also disapproved of children bringing unnecessary items to nursery, which could lead to conflicts among the kids.

Lastly, she highlighted the importance of consistency in potty training between nursery and home to avoid confusion for the child and caregivers.