Inspiring Parents and Children to Be Kind

The goal of this article is inspiring both parents and children to be kind. As two moms’ popular message reminds us, it’s not just the kids who need to demonstrate kindness to one another this school year.

As our children return to school, we’re concerned about how they’ll fit in in a new school or classroom. Will they be able to make new friends? Will they be able to get along with other children?

As two mums remind us in a now-viral Instagram post, kindness and inclusion begin with each of us, right here at home.

On social media, moms Cat Belknap and Nat Telfer, who together go by the handle Cat & Nat, recently posted a meme about how we should prioritize our children’s social well-being over their academic achievements. The most popular part of their message is the caption they gave to the meme.

As seasoned mothers, “know there is a whole lot of new mothers who have no idea,” the message continues. “But remember it all begins with us.” “They’ll go in and see that practically everyone knows each other, and they’ll be just as frightened as their children. When it comes to the rules and procedures, they won’t have a clue what to do,” Cat and Nat go on.

As a final note, they urge new moms to “smile, say hi, introduce yourself,” and offer assistance to those who are just starting out. So that we may tell our children all the wonderful things they should do, but showing them in action is far more effective.”

As a reminder that it’s not just children who need to play nice, this is a relevant message. Even if you’re not a new mom at a new school, it can be difficult to feel included in a small town where everyone appears to know everyone else. Every year presents new problems and scenarios that you haven’t encountered before, even if this is not your first rodeo.

There is nothing better than showing other mums courtesy and sharing advise when you have a child who has been to the same school or grade in the past!

You “truly have no idea what you are doing, and it feels like everyone knows better and is doing a better job than you,” says the new parent. Even if it’s not real, I believe we’ve all had that sensation. It’s because we’re all flawed! Telfer goes on to say that a simple smile or kind word may do wonders for a mother’s day. Let’s give it a shot!

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