### Investigation Leads to Dismissal of Iowa Sheriff’s Deputy Involved in Foster Parenting

Sioux County, Iowa — A pair of Iowa foster parents are currently facing a wide range of criminal charges, with one of them losing his position as a Sioux County Sheriff’s deputy in the aftermath.

Caleb and Jill Haverdink, residents of Maurice, have been charged with multiple offenses following an investigation by the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, which include:

  • Seven charges of Neglect of a Dependent Person, classified as Class C Felonies
  • Two charges of Violating Mandatory Reporter Obligations, categorized as Simple Misdemeanors
  • One charge of Providing False Information to Law Enforcement, a Simple Misdemeanor

After the Iowa DCI probe, a press release issued on behalf of the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office and Sioux County Attorney revealed that the Haverdinks were aware that a child under their care was engaging in sexual behavior and abusing other children. Allegedly, they failed to take meaningful action to address or prevent the abuse, consequently putting the children in their care at a high risk of sexual victimization.

Caleb Haverdink was serving as a deputy sheriff with the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office when the initial complaint surfaced. However, due to potential conflicts of interest, Sioux County authorities recused themselves from the investigation process.

Subsequently, the county sought assistance from the Iowa DCI and the Clay County Attorney’s Office for the investigation. An external investigator was appointed to assess whether Haverdink’s actions aligned with the policies and expectations of the sheriff’s office.

The investigation concluded that Haverdink had breached established protocols and procedures, contravening the mission of the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office. Consequently, his employment was terminated on February 14th.

In a public statement, the sheriff’s office emphasized the following points:

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office upholds the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior among its officers. The charges brought against Haverdink are deeply concerning and run counter to the core values of the Sheriff’s Office. Any form of misconduct by an officer will be promptly addressed. Therefore, Haverdink’s dismissal was solely based on his off-duty behavior, which violated established policies and reflected negatively on himself and the agency.

This particular incident does not reflect the dedication and integrity exhibited by the majority of the men and women who faithfully serve the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office. It is regrettable when a member of law enforcement behaves in a manner that tarnishes the agency’s reputation and compromises their ability to serve the community effectively.

It is important to remember that a criminal charge is an allegation, and individuals are considered innocent until proven guilty. This incident has caused significant distress within the community, the Sheriff’s Office, the County Attorney’s Office, and neighboring law enforcement entities. Sheriff Van Voorst and County Attorney Kunstle are committed to transparency and upholding their official duties. The trust of the community is paramount, and every effort will be made to restore any trust that may have been eroded. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.