### Embracing the Art of Parenting: Jon Cryer’s Insight on Releasing Control Over Grown Children

If Jon Cryer has gleaned any insights into parenting, it’s the delicate balance between equipping children with the necessary tools for success and allowing them to forge their own paths in life.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, the Emmy award-winning actor, currently starring in NBC’s sitcom Extended Family, opened up about his role as a father to his son Charlie, 23, from his previous marriage to Sarah Trigger, and his daughter Daisy, 4, whom he co-parents with Lisa Joyner.

Reflecting on his parenting journey, Cryer shared, “One crucial lesson I’ve learned from raising kids is that the notion of control is merely an illusion. You bring individuals into this world, but who they evolve into and the paths they choose are ultimately in their hands. It’s a common adage, but it truly boils down to letting go and recognizing the boundaries of your influence as you witness their journey through life.”

As children mature and venture beyond the confines of home, Cryer emphasized the positive aspect of this evolution. He expressed his joy in transitioning to an adult parent role with his 23-year-old son, where authenticity and genuine connection thrive. “Being an adult parent to my older son is truly gratifying. It allows me to engage with him on a deeper level and appreciate him as an adult individual,” Cryer shared. “While I’m always available to offer guidance when sought, our interactions are now based on companionship and mutual respect.”

One pivotal message Cryer aims to instill in Charlie is the diverse avenues to derive fulfillment from one’s career. Drawing from personal anecdotes, he highlighted the significance of finding purpose and contentment beyond monetary gains or societal status. “I have a friend who managed a restaurant. His passion for his colleagues made each workday a joyous experience, enabling him to navigate the highs and lows of the industry with enthusiasm,” Cryer recounted. “Whether it’s communal living while contributing to a charitable cause or pursuing a non-conventional career path, the key lies in deriving fulfillment from one’s work and its impact on others.”

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