**Kaley Cuoco Shares Controversial Parenting Trick: ‘Works for Us’**

Kaley Cuoco is offering some unconventional advice for new parents in an interview with USA Today. The Role Play star, 38, shared parenting tips she’s learned in the past nine months with her baby daughter Matilda. Cuoco acknowledges that her advice may not suit everyone, stating, “Some people are going to hate on me for that. Don’t care.”

One of Cuoco’s non-negotiable hacks is allowing screen time for her daughter. She mentions that Matilda has watched every Disney movie and enjoys it. Cuoco values the bonding experience and shared moments with her daughter while watching these films. She emphasizes the importance of flexibility in parenting styles, acknowledging that what works for one family may not work for another.

Cuoco recently attended a screening of her new Prime Video movie Role Play and discussed Matilda’s milestones. Despite joking about enjoying some time away from her daughter, she expresses deep love and joy in being a mother. Cuoco finds humor in her interactions with Matilda, describing her daughter as her best audience and a constant a source of laughter.

Reflecting on Matilda’s first Christmas, Cuoco fondly recalls the joy of showering her daughter with gifts and creating lasting memories through photos. She cherishes the moments spent with her daughter, highlighting the happiness that parenthood has brought into her life.