### Program Targeting Fathers Launched by KFRC

HOUGHTON — The Keweenaw Family Resource Center is introducing a 12-week Fatherhood workshop designed for fathers and father figures to enhance their parenting, relationship, and communication abilities, while providing the necessary support to become engaged, responsible, and dedicated fathers. The initiative, known as 24:7 Dad, aims to empower fathers to play an active role in their children’s lives.

The workshop caters to a diverse audience, including new fathers, those with teenage or adult children, and father figures, as highlighted by Kevin Weir, the grant specialist at KFRC.

According to KFRC Executive Director Iola Brubacker, participants in the 24:7 Dad program undergo a transformative journey to become more involved and supportive fathers to their children.

Weir emphasized the findings of a national survey revealing that only 54% of first-time fathers felt adequately prepared for the challenges of fatherhood. Shockingly, 57% of fathers expressed concerns about being replaceable by any other man in their children’s lives.

The survey, conducted by the National Fatherhood Initiative and involving 701 American men aged 18 and above with at least one biological or adopted child under 18, highlighted the importance of fostering strong relationships between fathers and their teenage children. The survey indicated that fathers with teenage children often feel less connected compared to those with younger offspring, underscoring the need for interventions to strengthen these bonds.

In light of the potential risks associated with adolescent behavior, nurturing a close father-child relationship is deemed crucial in mitigating negative outcomes, according to the survey.

The Fatherhood workshop, commencing on Thursday evenings at 5:30 p.m. starting Feb. 8 at the Copper Country Intermediate School District’s main campus on 809 Hecla St., Hancock, is open to all fathers and father figures. The program is offered free of charge, inclusive of dinner, with childcare services available upon request.

24:7 Dad, developed by experts in fathering and parenting, stands as a widely recognized evidence-based program tailored specifically for fathers. It focuses on instilling the qualities essential for fathers to be actively engaged with their children round the clock. This community-driven initiative equips men with the mindset, knowledge, and skills required to establish and maintain meaningful connections with their children. By emphasizing key fathering attributes such as masculinity, discipline, and work-life balance, 24:7 Dad encourages men to assess their parenting techniques and role models.

Participants can anticipate weekly prize drawings for a $25 gift card, with an additional grand prize awaiting those who complete the full 12-week program.

For registration inquiries, kindly contact Kevin at 906-482-9363.

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