– North West’s Drawing of Stepmom Sparks Controversy: Kim Kardashian ‘Crosses the Line’

Kim Kardashian faces criticism from fans over her parenting after North West sketches a nude portrait.

The 10-year-old drew a naked picture of her step-mother, Bianca Censori, which Kim then shared on her TikTok account earlier this week.

Kim Kardashian has faced backlash from fans regarding her parenting skills following North West’s drawing of a nude portrait. The 10-year-old sketched a naked image of her step-mother, Bianca Censori, which Kim subsequently posted on her TikTok profile.

Kim posted a snapshot of her daughter’s sketchbook, where North had listed things she was thankful for that day under the title “What 3 things are you grateful for today?” Among the items, North mentioned aspects of her father’s new album, including a specific song titled “Carnival.”

Kanye recently released the Vultures I album, which had been delayed for several months. North, after listing her gratitudes, proceeded to draw her interpretation of the album cover, featuring Bianca in a scanty thong facing away from the viewer.

Fans expressed their disapproval of the drawing, deeming it inappropriate, with discussions surfacing on Reddit. One user shared the sketch on a popular Kardashian-focused thread, prompting various reactions criticizing the depiction.

Parenting expert Kirsty Ketley raised concerns about North’s exposure to the limelight at such a young age, cautioning that she may face challenges in the future due to her early fame. Ketley highlighted the potential risks associated with being thrust into the public eye from a tender age, emphasizing the need for Kim and Kanye to tread carefully in managing North’s public presence.

North’s appearances in the media and on her family’s platforms have garnered significant attention, with her fashion choices and public outings drawing considerable scrutiny. Ketley emphasized the importance of ensuring that North’s exposure to fame is balanced to avoid potential negative consequences on her well-being and development.

Kim’s decision to share North’s drawing on TikTok stirred controversy, with critics questioning the appropriateness of publicizing such personal and potentially sensitive content involving a minor. The incident reignited discussions about the boundaries between familial privacy and public disclosure within celebrity households.