– North West Criticized for Promoting Kim’s Makeup Brand amid Parenting Backlash

Kim Kardashian faced criticism for her perceived inappropriate parenting when her daughter, North West, featured her makeup line in a TikTok video. North, at the age of 10, shared a makeup review on their joint TikTok account, showcasing various products from Kim’s skincare brand, Skkn by Kim, which recently launched a makeup collection. The video displayed North holding up makeup items, including matte lipsticks and lipliners, and applying black eyeshadow from the brand’s palette. Despite Kim’s lighthearted caption on the TikTok, describing it as “What my daughter does on my phone ha ha ha ha ha ha,” some viewers were unimpressed.

Critics on a Kardashian-focused Reddit forum expressed disapproval of Kim’s decision to involve her daughter in promoting the products, with some highlighting the calculated nature of the marketing strategy. The discussion raised concerns about the influence on young audiences and the portrayal of unnecessary skincare and makeup consumption to children. Additionally, Kim received backlash for allowing North to undergo an intense facial treatment, further fueling the debate on appropriate parenting practices in the public eye.

In a separate incident from the past year, Kim faced fan backlash for allowing North to wear heavy makeup and fake nails in photos shared on TikTok. The images depicted North in various elaborate makeup looks, sparking discussions on the boundaries of age-appropriate behavior and the impact of early exposure to fame and glamour. Fans expressed unease over the extent of makeup worn by North at such a young age, urging Kim to prioritize her daughter’s childhood experiences over public displays of adult-like aesthetics.

The series of controversies surrounding Kim and North’s public appearances and social media posts have ignited debates on parenting styles, child celebrity influence, and societal standards regarding children’s exposure to beauty standards and fame.