### King Charles Criticizes Late Queen’s Parenting, Causing Upset

In his later years, King Charles shared a strong bond with his late mother, the Queen, as evident from his affectionate references to her as his “darling Mama” or “beloved mother” in his speeches. However, during his childhood, his relationship with his nannies and his grandmother, the Queen Mother, was more significant.

The latest episode of A Right Royal Podcast features a discussion on King Charles’ upbringing, as well as that of his sons, Prince Harry and Prince William. Ingrid Seward, Editor-in-Chief of Majesty magazine and royal author, sheds light on her new book, My Mother and I, which explores the dynamics between the late monarch and her son.

In 1994, Prince Charles permitted journalist Jonathan Dimbleby to write a biography about him, revealing that the late Queen and Prince Philip were perceived as “emotionally distant” parents. Some friends, authorized by Charles, even mentioned Prince Philip’s tendency to “belittle” and “bully” his son.

Ingrid shared in the podcast how the biography deeply upset the late Queen and Prince Philip, especially during an important tour of Russia. She defended the Queen’s parenting style, acknowledging its distant nature, attributing it to the Queen’s upbringing that discouraged emotional display in public. Over time, though, the Queen exhibited more emotional warmth as she aged.

The podcast also delves into the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s new website and offers insights into what royal enthusiasts can anticipate from it moving forward.