Knowing and Understanding Your Teens

It’s not easy to be a teen, and even more challenging to be a teen’s parent. As we further explore knowing and understanding our teens, hearing a teen’s perspective can help parents better understand their teen’s challenges and fears. In this short article, teens discuss what it’s like to be a teen today and what parents can do to help them deal with pressures such as:

Fitting In

“Being a teenager is difficult. We get caught up in things like what other people think of us.”

Mental Wellness

“Just because someone is a 12-year-old girl doesn’t mean they can’t have depression or anxiety.”

Grades and School

“It’s stressful trying to get good grades because I want to please my parents and teachers.”


“When I’m bullied, it makes me sad, maybe even depressed.”

Social Networking Sites

“It would really hurt your feelings if a certain person with a certain amount of power or following or that you think is cool said something bad about you.”

Do you have a question about understanding your adolescent?

The world today presents a unique set of challenges for teenagers, with factors like social media, academic expectations, and an unpredictable future adding to their stress. As a parent, keeping an open mind and being empathetic towards your teen’s emotions are essential. Pay attention to their concerns, guide them, and create an environment where they feel comfortable expressing themselves openly and honestly. This approach will strengthen trust and encourage your teen to share their thoughts and feelings with you.

Moreover, being knowledgeable about the issues faced by modern youth can help you better support your teenager through these critical years. Gaining insight into the cultural, social, and technological aspects of their lives will enable you to guide them effectively. Motivate your teen to engage in activities they’re passionate about and strike a balance between academics and relaxation. By equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to handle stress, you can contribute to their development into well-adjusted, self-assured adults. Bear in mind that truly knowing and understanding your teens is a continuous process that demands patience, compassion, and unwavering support.

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