### Parenting Tips: Kylie Kelce Reveals Jason’s Secret to Keeping Her Calm

Kylie Kelce is well-versed in the intricate details of parenthood, juggling the responsibilities of raising three daughters: Wyatt (4), Elliotte (2), and Bennett (11 months). She maintains a composed demeanor, often seeking assistance from her husband, the NFL luminary Jason Kelce, when needed. Despite her generally serene presence, Kylie openly acknowledges occasional moments of frustration, recognizing that parenthood is a continuous learning process for everyone involved.

In a virtual conversation with Scary Mommy, Kylie delved into her experiences as the spouse of the “ultimate girl dad,” Jason Kelce, her collaboration with the premium chocolate brand Lindt for a dream Super Bowl dessert assortment, and shared valuable insights on navigating Disney travel with children.

Scary Mommy: During your recent family trip to Disney World, you highlighted the importance of ensuring that all children have designated seating for safety and convenience. How did this factor into your travel planning?

Kylie Kelce: One crucial aspect we considered before embarking on our Disney adventure was guaranteeing that each child had a secure seat for the duration of the visit. While allowing them the freedom to explore and expend their energy is essential, having the ability to gather them together promptly for movement was a priority for us.

SM: It sounds like having designated seating also doubled as a convenient napping spot for the little ones.

KK: Absolutely, it served as an excellent spot for our youngest to catch a quick nap when needed.

SM: Your mother-in-law mentioned learning valuable parenting techniques from observing you with your daughters. Is there a fundamental piece of advice you would offer to new parents based on your experiences?

KK: One significant realization I had upon entering parenthood with Jason was the understanding that no one truly has all the answers. The notion that parents possess innate wisdom and unwavering confidence in their parenting decisions is debunked once you become a parent yourself. We are all navigating this journey of parenthood with a sense of learning and adaptation, striving to nurture compassionate and well-rounded individuals.

SM: It’s a revelation that many parents can relate to—the realization that parenting is an ongoing learning process rather than a predefined set of rules.

KK: Absolutely, the shared experience of discovering the uncharted territory of parenthood is a universal aspect that unites all parents.

SM: Shifting focus to the Super Bowl festivities, if you were hosting a party, what delectable snacks or desserts would be on your must-have list?

KK: When it comes to Super Bowl gatherings, we typically prepare an array of savory snacks such as tomato pie, wings, sliders, and assorted dips. However, one element that often gets overlooked amidst the savory indulgences is dessert. I find that Lindor Truffles offer a perfect addition to the spread, with their variety of flavors catering to diverse preferences.

SM: With three young children and a lively husband, how do you maintain your composed demeanor amidst the chaos of daily life?

KK: Balancing the demands of motherhood and family life can undoubtedly be challenging, particularly when dealing with the incessant whining that can test one’s patience. There are moments when I consciously request support from Jason to step in and provide a breather. Recognizing the need for occasional respite is crucial, whether it involves seeking a few moments of solitude or engaging in activities that promote relaxation.

SM: It’s reassuring to know that even in moments of exasperation, seeking assistance and taking moments for oneself are essential aspects of parenting.

KK: Absolutely, acknowledging the need for self-care and support is fundamental in navigating the complexities of parenthood effectively.

SM: Observing Jason’s interactions with your daughters, what aspect of his fatherhood brings you the most joy?

KK: Witnessing Jason’s bond with our girls is truly heartwarming. His proactive involvement in nurturing their relationship is a source of immense joy for me. From encouraging them to try new foods to engaging in playful activities like building forts and launching them onto the couch, Jason embodies the essence of a fun and hands-on father figure.

SM: It’s evident that Jason’s dynamic approach to fatherhood contributes significantly to creating memorable experiences for your daughters.

KK: Indeed, his enthusiasm and creativity in fostering a strong father-daughter bond are truly remarkable and cherished by our family.