– Montessori Enthusiast in Longmont Supports Families in Creating Nurturing Home Environments

Tracy Allen grew up in South Africa with immigrant parents—her mother hailing from Australia and her father from England, though he was raised in Kenya. From a young age, Tracy had a passion for working with children, which eventually led her to establish a business focused on integrating Montessori teachings into family life.

During a gap year after high school, Tracy worked as a nanny in England, where she first encountered children attending Montessori schools. Despite her exposure to diverse parenting styles due to her multicultural background, Tracy initially mistook the unique approach of the families she worked for as cultural differences rather than the influence of Montessori education.

Her deep dive into Montessori began when she applied for a receptionist position at a local Montessori school. Although she didn’t land the job, the experience connected her with a Montessori teaching program, marking the beginning of her immersion in this educational philosophy.

While juggling teacher training and single motherhood, Tracy initially did not implement Montessori principles in her parenting. However, when her son encountered challenges around the age of 8, she reevaluated her approach. Embracing Montessori techniques significantly enhanced her parenting skills and strengthened her bond with her son.

After exploring various educational avenues, Tracy and her husband relocated to the United States, where she delved into teaching within Montessori classrooms. Recognized for her adeptness in setting up and organizing learning environments, Tracy was entrusted with overseeing multiple schools in the region.

Upon moving to Colorado, Tracy reflected on her career trajectory and found that her interactions with parents brought her the most fulfillment. Encouraged by her new friends, Tracy conceptualized a business idea centered on teaching Montessori principles to families at home. With the unwavering support of her community, she launched “A Montessori Nest” in Longmont, offering a wide range of services from parenting workshops and playgroups to personalized coaching and year-long Montessori courses.

Tracy’s passion lies in assisting parents in discovering their unique parenting style, whether through complete immersion in Montessori practices or integrating select principles. While acknowledging her imperfections as a parent, Tracy aims to guide families towards creating a nurturing, harmonious, and inclusive Montessori environment.