### AITA for Eating My Pregnant Wife’s ‘Special Treats’ and Facing a Divorce Threat?

When this individual expresses concern about potentially damaging his marriage, he turns to Reddit with the following query:

“AITA for consuming all of my pregnant spouse’s unique snacks?”

Seeking guidance here. I (28M) recently organized a work lunch featuring homemade sub sandwiches. My wife (27F) is currently five months pregnant and has an insatiable craving for various types of pickles: Butter, Garlic, Dill, Kosher, Mini, and more… you name it, she craves it.

She affectionately refers to these pickles as her special snacks. Understandably, due to this intense craving, we have accumulated several jars of assorted pickles.

I utilized one jar of dill pickles for the sub sandwiches (her favorite), leaving over seven jars of different pickle varieties untouched. Following the conclusion of the lunch, she confronted me regarding the consumption of all her dill pickles, insisting that I replenish them.

I contended that I only utilized one jar and since we had just settled into our first house after moving out of my parents’ basement, I seldom host events. She expressed that I should have sought her permission beforehand and proceeded to label me negatively for consuming her pickles.

I expressed my belief that her demands were unreasonable and refused to purchase more until she finished the remaining seven jars of pickles we have had for months, some of which remain unopened.

This led to her threatening divorce and maintaining silence for three days until her swollen ankles made it challenging for her to put on her shoes independently. I seek advice. Am I at fault here? If so, I am willing to apologize and procure four jars of her preferred dill pickles. If not, the divorce may be imminent (though this threat may have been influenced by her heightened hormonal state).

Let’s delve into the community’s perspectives.

leviathanlord8 remarks:

Certainly, you are at fault. The issue is not solely about usage but about your awareness of your pregnant wife’s cravings. When you prepared sandwiches for your colleagues, you likely acquired bread, meats, condiments, and toppings for the sandwiches.

While you were purchasing supplies for the sandwiches, you consciously chose to overlook the need for pickles assuming that the ones your wife was consuming would suffice. This situation could have easily been avoided, but you deliberately depleted her pickle stash. Additionally, your decision to withhold future pickle purchases until she finishes the other jars is unreasonable and akin to treating her like a child. This behavior reflects poorly on you. You are unequivocally in the wrong.

ducksworth7 comments:

Both parties are at fault here. While her reaction to you consuming “her” pickles may have been excessive, considering that you both share grocery expenses, calling you derogatory names for consuming shared groceries was an extreme response given the circumstances.

Conversely, your refusal to replace the dill pickles until she consumes the other non-dill jars is petty, immature, and unreasonable. It would be more prudent to acknowledge her displeasure and commit to replacing them promptly on your next trip to the store.

Both of you should reflect on your actions and assess if this is the dynamic you wish to perpetuate in your relationship. The current situation appears stressful and unpleasant for both parties.

ozzybay shares:

You are at fault in this scenario. Fulfilling a request to restock her favorite pickles should not pose a significant challenge; your obstinacy is apparent. While the pickles were utilized during the luncheon you hosted, you should have proactively planned to replenish them without necessitating a request. You were already aware of her preference for dill pickles.

As a fellow pickle enthusiast, my spouse understands that the pickles in the fridge are off-limits to others. Fortunately, he does not share my fondness for pickles, allowing me to indulge solo. While her outburst may seem exaggerated, she is likely navigating one of the most emotionally tumultuous periods of her life. Given that pregnancy can be quite challenging, finding joy in small pleasures such as snacks is crucial. Ensure you are attuned to her needs during this time.

addtional0 adds:

You are at fault in this situation. While her reaction may have been disproportionate, you were cognizant of her specific pickle cravings. Her body likely craves these particular flavors due to deficiencies in essential vitamins or minerals.

She should never have addressed you in such a manner or threatened you over pickles. Personally, I would have already procured another jar knowing that she regularly requires the ones you utilized.

It is perplexing why you are adamant about not replacing them and why there is no mention of her obtaining another jar. Establishing a rule that no additional jars will be purchased until she consumes the other flavors is a stance you have imposed, not a joint decision. Both of you are handling this situation in a rather toxic manner.

oldinevitable0 proposes:

Here’s a suggestion: Purchase more than one jar of dill pickles, perhaps six. Allocate half to your wife and retain the other half for yourself. This arrangement ensures that both of you have an ample supply. Clarify that if she finishes her portion, she cannot access yours, adhering to the principle that you are not permitted to consume her pickles. Consistency is key in this scenario.

It appears that the individual in question is at fault. Do you have any recommendations for him?

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