**Ryan Hurd Finishes Parenting Course After Separation from Maren Morris**

Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris’ divorce process appears to be progressing following Hurd’s completion of the court-mandated parenting class.

According to documents acquired by Us Weekly, Hurd’s legal representative submitted a “certificate of completion” to Tennessee’s third circuit court for Davidson County in Nashville on Wednesday, December 20.

The documentation verifies that Hurd, aged 37, has fulfilled the parenting course requirement as mandated by Tenn. Code Ann § 36-6-408, which stipulates that “Each parent shall attend a parent educational seminar as soon as possible after the filing of the complaint” when “a permanent parenting plan is or will be entered.”

The parenting class, conducted by the Parenting Skills Institute, was a four-hour session tailored for “divorcing parents, coparents, single parents, and parents dealing with custodial issues.” It covered various topics such as “divorce’s impact on the family,” “parental anger,” “the stages of grief,” and more.

Earlier in October, Morris, aged 33, filed for divorce after five years of marriage, aligning with the separation petition date she submitted.

The separation came as a surprise to many country music enthusiasts since Hurd and Morris have been a prominent duo in the music scene since their encounter in 2014. Their romantic relationship blossomed in 2015 after collaborating on Tim McGraw’s “Last Turn Home.”

The couple exchanged vows in March 2018 and welcomed their son, Hayes, two years later. Despite their public displays of affection over the years, including Hurd’s defense of Morris on Instagram in September amidst her country music departure announcement, their split in October caught Hurd off guard, as per an exclusive source from Us.

Morris recently addressed their separation, humorously mentioning that she “cut all the trauma out of my hair” with her new short bob.

Reflecting on the challenges of the past year, Morris shared her thoughts on The Howard Stern Show on December 13, acknowledging the ongoing nature of her divorce and expressing a desire for closure.

Regarding future relationships, Morris admitted to lacking the mental space for them presently, focusing instead on her prolific songwriting as a form of emotional expression.

Looking ahead to the new year, Morris emphasized her readiness to prioritize self-care and personal growth, aiming for a more empowered 2024.

While Morris has been vocal about the breakup, Hurd has chosen not to comment publicly on the end of their marriage. Instead, he embarked on consecutive trips this month, indicating a need for a reset with posts from the beach in the Bahamas on December 3 and later from the mountains in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on December 16.

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