**Celebrating Their Spiritual Growth: Matthew West’s Proudest Parenting Moment**

Published: January 19, 2024

Photo from Matthew West’s Instagram

Matthew West’s Most Memorable Parenting Achievement: Fostering Their Spiritual Development

By Movieguide® Contributor

In a rare snowy day in Nashville, Tennessee, Matthew West, a Christian musician, and his wife Emily took a moment to reflect on their proudest parenting accomplishments.

Constantly on tour, Matthew expressed his gratitude for his wife’s pivotal role in nurturing their two daughters, Delaney Ruth and Luella “Lulu” Jane. He commended Emily for her unwavering support and influence on their children’s lives.

Acknowledging Emily’s profound impact, Matthew shared, “I probably don’t tell you enough, but the way that you lead, the way that you raise our kids, the way that they don’t have a doubt in their mind, you know, that you’re in their corner, the way that you lift them up, the way that you pray for them, is truly inspirational. Our kids are who they are thanks, in part, to how you loved them and raised them.”

However, Emily humbly redirected the praise, attributing their daughters’ spiritual growth to the work of the Lord through the Scriptures.

Reflecting on their parenting journey, Emily expressed, “I think, looking back now… I’m thankful that we pointed [LuLu] to her Bible specifically in good, in bad, in heartbreak, in loss, in confusion, in big decisions. You know, we pointed her to the word as much as we could, and I see that in her.”

She further emphasized, “I was talking the other day about how sometimes I’ll see her Bible laying on the counter, and I’ll flip it open, and it’s just full of post-it notes and ‘Lord show me this’ and underlined things and highlights, and she truly has done that, and I’m so thankful with both our girls – Delaney’s the same way – that in good and bad…we’ve said go your Bible. Go to Him in prayer. Lean into the Word.”

Expressing her gratitude for the solid foundation they have instilled in their daughters, Emily added, “I think that would be the thing I’m most thankful that I feel that we have done. No parent is perfect, we’ve certainly had our struggles, you know, just as parents figuring it out, but I’m really thankful that she has that solid foundation.”

Matthew echoed Emily’s sentiments, finding immense joy in witnessing their daughters’ devotion to the Lord. He expressed his pride in their unwavering faith and their ability to turn to Christ in every circumstance.

“I don’t know that I’m ever prouder of my daughters than when I see their spiritual growth on display,” he shared. “Like, they could sing in a play, they could, you know, get and A on a report card, all of that’s well and good, but seeing my daughter reading her Bible, my buttons will pop off my shirt.”

He continued, “Seeing my daughters with their hands raised worshipping Jesus, like, seeing my daughter at Passion conference, those are the moments where I’m like, you know, just beaming with pride because they’re seeking their heavenly Father.”

Matthew also bonded with his daughters through music, collaborating with them on various projects.

For Father’s Day, he released a duet version of his song “Before You Ask Her” with his daughter Lulu, a heartwarming surprise that deeply touched him.

Reflecting on the experience, Matthew shared, “That’s the best thing I ever heard. That’s your song…that’s my favorite thing ever.”

In a previous report by Movieguide®, West’s commitment to his faith and his creative endeavors was highlighted:

During his first podcast episode of 2024, Christian artist Matthew West explained how a resolution last year set the tone for 2023 and shared what he plans to focus on in 2024.

“This season, as I look behind me in the rearview and I look at 2023, I see a season where I felt like the Lord put something on my heart – that theme of my story, your glory – and then the question is, ‘What are you going to do with that? Am I going to sit on it?…Or am I gonna step forward? Am I gonna run my race with perseverance and keep my eyes on Jesus and say, Lord, how do you want me to spread that message with the world?” he said.

The singer explained that he lived out that theme through songs like “Me on Your Mind” and “My Story, Your Glory.”

That commitment to pursuing what God places on his heart at the beginning of the year is something West hopes to recapture this year.

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