### Parenting Advice from Octogenarians: Timeless Tips for New Moms

We are rapidly approaching this year’s Mother’s Day, and in honor of this significant occasion, a group of individuals aged 80 and above have graciously imparted their pearls of wisdom for new mothers and expectant mothers.

Drawing from their extensive life experiences encompassing myriad triumphs and challenges, they have generously offered practical guidance for parents and parents-to-be throughout the United Kingdom.


With an average age of 89, the residents of Lottie’s care home have shared their invaluable insights.

‘Embrace the Journey of Learning’

Joyce, a vibrant 96-year-old mother to her daughter Jane, fondly reminisces about the close bond her family shared with her sister’s daughters, who were similar in age to Jane. Together, they created cherished memories during family vacations to the Isle of Wight and Cornwall.

This Mother’s Day, Joyce imparts her wisdom, emphasizing that “there are no set rules; simply embrace the journey of learning as you navigate parenthood, and everything will fall into place.”

‘Practice Patience and Embrace Imperfections’

At 96 years young, Jean vividly recalls the day she brought her daughter Susan home for the first time, a memory etched in her mind like it happened yesterday—especially significant as it coincided with her husband’s decision to quit smoking.

Describing motherhood as a stroke of luck, Jean advocates for new mothers to exude kindness, support, and tolerance, advising them not to burden themselves with unrealistic expectations of perfection.


‘Cultivate Empathy and Understanding’

Another esteemed resident, 80-year-old Brenda, reflects on the joy of bringing her three children home for the first time, expressing immense relief at their well-being and happiness.

Despite juggling motherhood with work commitments, Brenda opted for part-time employment to savor more moments with her children, who possessed a penchant for adventure. Her counsel to new mothers underscores the importance of empathizing with and comprehending their children’s needs.

‘Support and Nurture Your Offspring’

Dorothy, a 90-year-old mother who lovingly adopted her son Kevin and daughter Tracey during infancy following a series of miscarriages, vividly recalls the elation of welcoming them into her home and caring for them.

Proudly embracing her role as a parent and now a grandparent to Elliott, Dorothy advocates for supporting one’s children wholeheartedly, striving to embody exemplary parenthood by fostering honesty and transparency in familial relationships.


‘Foster Open Communication with Your Children’

Iris, aged 85, celebrates the diverse paths women traverse on the journey to motherhood, highlighting her role as a surrogate mother to her nieces and nephew.

Having watched her nieces and nephew mature rapidly, Iris feels privileged to have assisted her siblings in raising their children, cherishing the enduring tradition of celebrating Christmas together with her family.

Her poignant advice resonates with the importance of maintaining honesty and open communication with one’s children.

In moments of uncertainty or apprehension on your motherhood journey, these profound insights serve as beacons of wisdom, guiding you back to the essence of the profound tapestry of parenthood.