**Why Moms Should Avoid Micromanaging Dads in Parenting: Encouraging Breaks for Better Balance**

Raising a child should not be solely the mother’s responsibility, especially when the father is actively involved. Both parents are expected to share equal responsibility in caring for their child to prevent overwhelming the mother. Despite this, society often criticizes fathers for their parenting approach when they take on more active roles, a topic addressed by Amrita T. Saraf on Instagram.

Amrita, known as @momuninterrupted on Instagram, highlighted the issue of unwarranted criticism towards fathers’ parenting styles. She emphasized the importance of allowing fathers autonomy in their parenting decisions without constant micromanagement. Amrita’s Instagram reel conveyed the message that fathers, like mothers, are capable of handling parenting responsibilities and should be trusted to learn and grow in their roles.

In her caption, accompanying a photo of her husband and daughter playing chess, Amrita admitted her own struggle with relinquishing control but acknowledged her husband’s capabilities as a parent. She shared how adopting a more hands-off approach has enabled her to take extended breaks, demonstrating trust in her husband’s parenting abilities.

Amrita encouraged mothers to step back and give fathers the space to navigate parenting challenges independently, emphasizing that this approach fosters mutual growth and trust. She clarified that her perspective applies to actively involved fathers and not to those who are negligent or uninvolved in parenting.

The post received positive feedback from the Instagram community, with users like @remyarajagopal and @not_your.regulartraveller expressing support for Amrita’s viewpoint. Comments from @ankita_kaushik2912 and @ravinapgajjar highlighted the significance of fathers’ active involvement in parenting decisions and the impact of breaking traditional gender roles within families.