### TikTok Users Criticize Mother of Six for Sharing Household Rules

A mother of six recently shared her household guidelines on TikTok, showcasing the strategies she employs to maintain order and organization with a large family. Utah-based mom, Sharon Johnson, gained significant attention with her viral video outlining the essential rules she follows to manage her bustling household.

In the video, Sharon highlights key regulations such as limited tech time exclusively on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with each child allotted one hour while ensuring accountability by checking out laptops. She also specifies designated bath and shower days on Sunday and Wednesday, allowing exceptions for additional baths as needed but emphasizing the importance of adhering to the schedule for practicality.

While Sharon’s rules aim to streamline daily routines, the online community expressed mixed reactions, particularly concerning the bi-weekly bathing schedule. Despite clarifying the flexibility of her approach, some viewers criticized the concept of limited bathing days, prompting passionate responses from both sides.

Addressing the concerns, Sharon reiterated the option for additional baths and defended the schedule’s practicality, citing recommendations for children’s hygiene. She further explained the family’s unique circumstances, including limited shower availability for a sizeable household and considerations for sensitive skin in a dry climate.

In addition to the bathing regimen, Sharon elaborated on other household rules, such as providing children with an allowance based on their age to simplify financial transactions and advocating against sleepovers in favor of late-night gatherings to ensure safety and supervision without the need to vet external environments.