**Top Reasons to Include Grandparents on Your Next Family Vacation**

Grandparents play a vital role in many families, cherished by their grandchildren and providing essential support for working parents to manage both childcare and work responsibilities. Additionally, grandparents can offer parents a well-deserved break during vacations.

A heartwarming incident was shared by Amanda Hopper, where her husband playfully left their baby outside her parents’ hotel room. The baby, left at the door, starts following the husband until the delighted grandparents discover the surprise delivery.

In an interview with Newsweek, Hopper expressed her joy, stating, “At the end of the video you can hear my mom laugh and say ‘I love it’. We don’t live close so they love any time they can get with the kids. It was wonderful to have them there.”

Many individuals commenting on the video highlighted the benefits of vacationing with grandparents, especially if they are willing to assist with childcare. Grandparents relish spending quality time with their grandchildren, while parents appreciate the extra help. One commenter humorously approved, “I am a grandmother and I approve of this message.”

Research indicates that over half of grandparents in the U.K. provide childcare during the workweek, dedicating an average of more than four hours daily. This support is crucial for parents, particularly mothers, in maintaining a work-life balance.

Studies, such as those conducted by the University of Oxford, have shown that active grandparental involvement positively impacts children’s well-being. Children with highly involved grandparents exhibit fewer emotional and behavioral issues.

Moreover, research suggests that children under the care of grandparents may experience improved mental health outcomes. For instance, a study focusing on African-American youth revealed that having a grandparent in the household correlated with reduced depressive symptoms.

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