### Unexpected Twist: Mom’s Cooking for Three Goes Awry

Any parent will attest to the fact that raising children often involves a certain degree of disorder. While the typical scenarios of scraped knees, bumped heads, and food messes are usually attributed to the kids, parents themselves can also find themselves in tricky situations, especially when fatigued or sleep-deprived.

In a humorous yet relatable incident, Helena Benn, a 24-year-old mother of three, shared a video on Instagram showcasing her attempt to cook dinner. However, the cooking endeavor took an unexpected turn as she inadvertently set her long hair on fire while setting up the stove for the cooking session. Despite the alarming situation, Benn remarkably maintained her composure and swiftly extinguished the flames.

The accompanying caption of the video humorously captures the essence of the mishap: “I am a walking disaster.”

Commendations poured in from fellow parents applauding Benn for her calm reaction amidst the hair-raising incident. One commenter noted, “Mum of three sets hair on fire and brushes it off casually, that shows that isn’t even the worst of it, you’re awesome.”

Another praised her composure, stating, “Goodness me, well done on remaining calm in front of your children! What was for tea?”

The incident resonated with many, with some sharing their own similar anecdotes. The supportive comments included anecdotes like, “I did this to a plastic plate the other day, forgot I’d used my ceramic hob and put it back on there.”

While suggestions were made for Benn to tie her hair back while cooking, the reality of managing three children and preparing a meal can lead to such oversights.

Recent research from the Ohio State University revealed that a significant 66% of parents are experiencing burnout, with women more susceptible than men, as 68% of females reported burnout compared to 42% of men. The challenges escalate for parents with two or three children, particularly when balancing childcare, work commitments, and daily chores, increasing the likelihood of exhaustion and accidents.

Parenting indeed presents formidable challenges, especially when navigating the complexities of daily life while ensuring the well-being of the family. The study underscores the importance of acknowledging and addressing parental burnout to support the holistic well-being of caregivers.

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