**Heartwarming Moment: Mom’s Viral Response to Son’s Forgotten School Project**

Deadlines can at times present significant challenges and induce stress, as many can relate to, including this writer. However, for elementary school students, meeting deadlines can be even more daunting, as illustrated by the experience of 7-year-old Leo Palacios.

In a widely circulated TikTok video, Leo’s mother, Gabriela (@gabbsgarden), humorously described the scenario as “Bro spawned in my room to deliver stressful ASMR.” The video captures Leo quietly approaching Gabriela late at night, who was on the verge of falling asleep next to her daughter, confessing that he had forgotten to complete a research project on Komodo dragons due the following morning. Despite the last-minute revelation, Gabriela remained surprisingly composed.

“I forgot, and I’m so sorry,” Leo earnestly whispers to her.

While most mothers might have reacted differently, Palacios demonstrated a remarkable example of gentle parenting by remaining calm and reassuring him with, “It’s OK, baby.”

In a lighthearted attempt to address the situation, Leo seeks guidance by suggesting, “You can take a little rest, or you can do it now.”

In a subsequent TikTok comment, Palacios, a single mother, mentions that she swiftly gathered all four of her children and hurried to a nearby Family Dollar store before closing time to procure supplies for the diorama. The video captures their collaborative effort in completing the project in about an hour, labeled as a “core memory.”

Many online commended Palacios for her approach, emphasizing the importance of gentle and understanding reactions over frustration or anger in such circumstances.

The video resonated with viewers, reflecting on their own experiences in similar situations. It highlights the common desire among parents to prevent their children from failing, while also acknowledging the challenges and lessons inherent in such moments of forgetfulness and last-minute tasks.