Moms Who Plan a Birthday Party Knows The Last-Minute Invitation

“Mom fail” invitations like this one are all too familiar to busy, multi-tasking parents. You could put it down to the mental toll that most moms are under or the heightened expectation that millennial parents have to be on the ball. Here’s what all moms who plan a birthday party knows, the last-minute invitation.

 It’s easy to forget about things like your child’s birthday party, no matter how meticulous you are. On September 18, the Mommit subreddit released a wonderfully open birthday party invitation that will be a sobering wake-up call for negligent parents everywhere.

When the invitation was shared by a friend of the parents, writing under the handle TheLittleMisses, it appeared to be printed on plain white printer paper and produced in Microsoft Word.

“Note From Frantic Mother Botching Up Son’s Birthday:” says the invitation. Mommy fails big time here. I’ve completely forgotten about it after making a reservation for [redacted name birthday]’s party a few weeks back. It wasn’t until this past weekend that I remembered that I never did send out invitations to the party in question. Since it’s [redacted birthday]’s in less than a week, I’m inviting your child.

If you can come to [redacted place name], which is like a Nerf gun area, perhaps you can make it despite the short notice.” Assuming it will be fun, I haven’t been to the facility or done any actual study into it, so I can’t say for sure. It seemed promising on Google. Closed-toe shoes are recommended. Cake and a few other nibbles will be supplied. If possible, RSVP by Friday, but I will not hold it against you if you are running late. “Same here, too, mom and dad.”

“Sincerely, Mom of the Year,” was how she signed the invitation, which was delivered to the frazzled mother.

On Reddit, moms complimented the invitation writer’s refreshing candor and candor in her writing. As Angel 170 put it, “OK, but her honesty and how she can make fun of herself truly makes me want to be friends with her.”

We received an invitation to a party on Friday afternoon today, and we’ll be there,” Reddit user Opaline Illyria wrote in response to the invitation. We received an invitation to a Saturday party last week on a Wednesday. A month before the event, I send invitations to about seven people. Five of them respond positively. There’s no pattern or explanation to this at all. “Everything is OK.”

As Didi described, a neighbor showed up at my door around 9 p.m. on a Friday, asking us to a birthday party the following day at 10 a.m. It’s complete with the apologetic look and the last-minute invitation. As a mom, “We’ve all been there.”

Yes, that’s exactly right. It’s OK if you’ve ever been that mom; no one’s judging you.

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