– Controversy Erupts Over Mom’s Dinner Choice: The Ingredient Sparking Debate

A mother of three has shared her dinner routine for her children, but critics have been swift to judge her culinary skills.

Alexandra Sabol, who prepares meals for her family of six, comprising her kids, herself, a friend, and her boyfriend, faces backlash despite her efforts to cook from scratch.

Frequently posting her meal preps and grocery hauls on TikTok to her 237k followers, Alexandra faces criticism for the perceived lack of healthiness in her kids’ meals.

In one instance, she served bbq chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and carrots for her children, receiving mixed reactions from viewers.

Adding a unique twist by sprinkling Cheetos over the mashed potatoes sparked a debate among commenters, with some questioning the unconventional combination.

Completing the meal with apples on the side and a glass of milk, Alexandra declared it a success, pleasing all three kids.

While some raised concerns about the carb-heavy plate, others commended her for serving a “healthier” meal compared to previous ones.

Despite the online scrutiny, Alexandra remains unfazed, emphasizing her priority of ensuring her children eat, even if it means deviating from conventional expectations.

In a separate video showcasing her grocery haul, predominantly consisting of ready-made and canned items, along with instant mashed potatoes, Alexandra also revealed her one-year-old’s lunch menu, featuring chicken nuggets, a fruit pouch, Cheetos, and Capri-Sun.

The unconventional inclusion of Cheetos in her children’s meals drew criticism from viewers questioning the nutritional value and overall healthiness of the choices.

Responding to the backlash, Alexandra defended her choices, highlighting the challenges of getting her daughter to consume vegetables and asserting her autonomy in deciding how to feed her kids.

Despite facing backlash from online critics, Alexandra remains steadfast in her approach, prioritizing her children’s eating habits over external opinions.

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