### Creative Ways to Keep Your 4th Grader Entertained and Engaged

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Episode Details

In this episode: Elizabeth Newcamp, Zak Rosen, and Jamilah Lemieux assist a member of our Facebook group in brainstorming activities to engage a 4th grader that do not involve screen time. Balancing hectic schedules and remote work can make hands-on parenting challenging, but we have some creative suggestions.

Additionally, we will share a series of recommendations. Furthermore, if you are a member of the Slate Plus club, we will provide some subjective insights on the optimal timing for various activities.


Elizabeth suggests: trying out a specialty meal on flights

Zak suggests: the Hairstreaq brush

Jamilah suggests: watching Ugly Betty

Join us on Facebook, email us at [email protected] to submit new questions, share your feedback on today’s episode, and propose topics for future discussions. You can also reach us via our phone line: (646) 357-9318.

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Podcast produced by Maura Currie, with special acknowledgments to Rosemary Belson.