### Family Deems Me Excessive for Enforcing Pre-Baby Meeting Guidelines

A mother-to-be, Myer Short, has outlined a set of contentious guidelines for her family members to adhere to when meeting her upcoming baby.

Myer, who is expecting her second child and already has a 16-month-old named Atlas, devised these rules during her first pregnancy and intends to uphold them for the new arrival.

Among the stipulations is a requirement for individuals who smoke to change their clothing and cleanse their hands before interacting with her children to avoid transferring the smell of smoke. Additionally, she has prohibited kissing her youngsters to safeguard them from potential illnesses.

Furthermore, Myer and her partner, Matt Rabbitts, have urged loved ones not to publicize the birth of their baby online or share any photos without consent.

In justifying her decisions, Myer expressed her desire for a special moment and emphasized the importance of family members honoring their wishes.

The couple has also suggested that gifts for the newborn should be accompanied by a present for their older child and emphasized the importance of notifying them before visiting.

Despite facing criticism from older relatives for being excessively cautious, Myer remains steadfast in her approach, asserting that their compliance has been appreciated.

Myer attributed the formulation of these rules to her apprehensions as a new mother and the advice she received from fellow parents. She disseminated the guidelines via a PDF shared in a group chat with friends and family.

In raising Atlas, Myer practices child-led parenting and restricts his screen time to just 15 minutes per day. She highlighted their relaxed approach, including transitioning him to a bed at six months and minimizing exposure to electronic devices to mitigate tantrums.

Encouraging others to establish similar protocols for newborn visits, Myer aims to alleviate concerns and promote open communication within families regarding expectations during such occasions.